Vertimax Raptor

The lightweight Raptor unit is a revolutionary, portable resistance training system that utilizes the patented VertiMax Elastic Training Technology to develop athletic speed and strength. This cable system allows for high velocity/low tension training.
The Raptors allow coaches to apply consistent horizontal loads to every movement or in agility drills to improve the efficiency of strength, endurance and agility conditioning. This new technology opens up a completely new training dimension for both high-end performance enhancement and rehab applications to expedite a player’s return to game day competition.
Comes in 4 different resistance cable sizes which provide different resistances. ¬†We sell the the 3/8″ option with a majority of the custom weight rooms that call for this equipment.

Resistance Cable Options:

  • Yellow – 3/16″ – 2-6 lbs
  • Red – 1/4″ – 4-8 lbs
  • Blue – 5/16″ – 8-16 lbs
  • Gray – 3/8″ – 12-24 lbs

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