Tendo Power Analyzer

Width: 4″
Length: 12″
Material: Plastic, Aluminum
Color: Black, Silver
Bluetooth Compatible: Yes
Computer Compatible: Yes

Tendo Power Analyzer microcomputer shows:
•Power, force and velocity measurements.
•Percentage of best power, force and velocity.
•The number of repetition.
•Adjustable limits of the audio signal.
•Memory for 500 reps.
•Wireless Bluetooth connection to the computer (computer software and Tendo Bluetooth is an additional option.

What can be set up in setting mode:
•Audio signal Low/Upper Limit.
•Filter 0 to 150 cm.
•% limit for Partial Avg. Power and Peak Force.
•Rest time (turn on or turn off).
•Eccentric velocity (turn on or turn off) – Range of motion.

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