Brand: XVest
Weight: 25 lbs
Material: Nylon webbing
Color: Black
Finishing: Anti-bacterial & anti-microbial
Fits: Large (34″ – 40″ Waist)

The Xvest model X2020 comes with twenty (1) pound weights. The weights can be distributed equally, ten pounds in the front and ten pounds in the back. The vest has a D-ring front and back for Multi-plane resistance training. The Xvest is also treated with Anti-bacterial and Anti-microbial agents to fight against cross-contamination and malodorous odors. The Xvest can be utilized on dry land and in the pool. With the weight resistance adjustable in one-pound increments you can incorporate the Xvest in your speed progressions, agility drills, Plyometric progressions, cardiovascular conditioning and body weight exercises.

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