XL Series Single Rack

Rack Type: Single Rack
Weight: 259 lbs
Width: 48″
Length: 48″
Height: 96″
Material: 11 ga. steel
Tube Size: 3×3
Finishing: Black Texture Powder Coat
Fits: XL Series, Some 3×3 Racks

The Sorinex Original XL Rack Series is designed to bridge the gap between our lighter BaseFit Unlimited Line and our top Base Camp Line.  Utilizing extra large 3″ x 3″ 11 gauge steel tubing and our 4-way top-to-bottom hole design, we allow for unprecedented versatility and height adjustment of attachments while taking up less space. The basic model is an ideal training station for squatting and benching. The XL Series system can be easily upgraded with our platform, strap, chin and spotter bar options, making it a fantastic station for Olympic lifting and/or more varied programming.

Colors other than Black Texture may result in longer lead times.  Other custom options are available (laser cut logos and custom colors). Please call for a quote 1-877-Sorinex.

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