XL Series Competition Bench

Bench Type: Flat
Weight:221 lbs Width: 48″
Length: 54″
Height: 72″
Back Pad Size: 42″ x 12″
Pad Thickness: 3″
Pad Gap: N/A Material: 11 ga. steel (3×3)
Upholstery: “Tar Cloth”no-slip bench pad
Finishing: Black Texture Powder Coat

The Sorinex XL Series Competition Bench is the ultimate competition bench press for serious lifters. The unique Sorinex safety/spotter system eliminates the risk to hit your face or throat with the bar, while still giving enough range of motion to touch your chest.

Steel bars CANNOT do this! Straps also allow for micro adjusting with lockouts (less than 1″ increments). Soft straps also protect the bar and fingers in a way no steel can. “Tar Cloth” no-slip bench pad allows for hard leg drive.

Can be upgraded to wider 15″ pad upon special order. Plate storage custom colors and custom logos options available. Can be easily broken down to store in the trunk of a car if traveling to meets. Bench comes in texture black powder coat (not pictured).

Custom Logos are not included standard but can be added on.

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