Sorinex Women’s Performance Bar 15KG

Bar Type: Women’s Bar
Weight: 15 KG
Diameter: 25mm
Knurl Marks: Olympic Rings
Center Knurl: No
Shaft Coating: Bright Zinc, Black Oxide
Tensile Strength: 155k PSI Sleeve
Coating: Hardened Chrome Sleeve
Construction: 1-piece TIG welded
Bushing/Bearing: Bronze Bushings

The Sorinex Women’s Performance Bar is an all-around 15KG Women’s bar designed for multi-purpose use and Olympic Lifts. It has a 25.0mm shaft (155K PSI) that’s ergonomically designed for a woman’s hand. Comes in either Bright Zinc or Black Oxide Zinc coating. The hardened chrome, one-piece sleeves are precision welded for high-performance output and strength. The same knurling and feel as the Men’s Performance bar, making it strong enough for Olympic Lifts and Powerlifting.

Built to International Weightlifting Specifications.

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