Vertimax Youth Waist Harness

Weight: 4 lbs
Rubber coated pads
Color: Various
Fits: 22-32″ waist

The Vertimax Youth Waist Harness provides a smaller belt (fits 22″ to 32″ waist) with rubber coated waist pads. The red rubberized waist pads have a tighter fit on the youth waist belt than the waist pads of the medium and large waist harness that are shown above. The tighter fit allows athletes to apply more rotational torque to the hips without the waist pads sliding along the belt.

If applying rotational torque to the hips is an important aspect of your training protocol to develop core and rotational power (baseball, golf, tennis, etc.), the youth belt or ordering a medium or large waist belt with our red rubberized pads strung on the belt is suggested.

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