Vertimax V6

The Vertimax V6 Standard Unit is our Level 2 vertical jump and speed training system designed for on-platform training only.. It has all the capabilities of the V4 unit, plus: there is now a 5th and 6th additional band affixed to the top of the platform to apply arm loading while jump training!

These features make VertiMax the only system in the world that can provide simultaneous leg and arm loading while jump training for optimal vertical gains.

Arm swing velocity makes up 10 – 13 percent of the vertical jump and only VertiMax is designed to combine explosive leg power training & arm swing velocity training to truly maximize the vertical jump.

The top side resistance bands 5 & 6 can also be attached to the feet for sports-specific foot drill exercises. Athletes can train with one to six bands attached to their body simultaneously.

Brand: Vertimax
Weight: 119, 145 lbs
Width: 48″
Length: 60″ – 72″
Height: 3″
Material: n/a
Color: Various
Made in The USA: No

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