Vertimax V6 Pro

Weight: 119, 145 lbs
Width: 48″
Length: 60″ – 72″
Height: 3″
Color: Various

The Vertimax V6 Pro Unit is our Level 3 vertical jump and speed training system designed for On and Off Platform training. It has all the capabilities of the V4 and V6 units. However, referencing the animation on the left, the two topside bands numbered 5 and 6 can now be repositioned by sliding and locking them on three rails around the back the perimeter of the mat.

V6 Pro also has the added capability of allowing the athlete to leave the platform with bands 5 and 6 attached to their body. The ability to reposition bands 5 & 6 allows trainers to create precise resistance vectors for individual sports moves, and┬ádesign off platform drills using these two topside bands – in which case the bands can be attached to the hands, hips, or feet.

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