TITIN Weighted Compression Shirt

Meet the world’s only piece of weighted compression gear. The TITIN Force™ Shirt System is a three part hypergravity system.  The first part of the system is the 8 pounds of weighted hydrogel inserts. The second part is a 14-pocket inner compression shirt.  The third part is the outer compression shirt. Gels are strategically placed over large muscle groups evenly distributing the weight throughout the upper body.

The TITIN Force™ Shirt System can help boost the efficiency of workouts, improving speed, balance, endurance, and vertical leap.

The TITIN Force™ Shirt System allows you to move naturally without stressing or abusing your body’s joints and can be worn during most workouts and training programs. The TITIN Force™ Shirt System can also be heated or cooled for use during or after workouts. The hydrogel inserts will stay hot or cold for 35-45 minutes.

Product features: Provides HyperGravity Training experience – Helps improve speed, endurance, strength, vertical leap – Can be worn heated or cooled – Made with moisture-wicking A.M.Y.® antimicrobial materials to block odor & germs. (TITIN Force™ Shirt System)

*** Do not submerge the vest in water.

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