The Gym Rat Plate Storage

Weight Type: Storage
Weight: 50 lbs
Width: 20″
Length: 39″
Height: 50″
Material: 11 ga steel
Tube Size: 2×2
Finishing: Black Texture Powder Coat
Wheels: Yes

With the Sorinex Gym Rat, you get storage AND mobility. Great for CrossFitters who want to station train over distances, home lifters who want to train outside, or collegiate level programs that want to easily clear space.

The heavy duty wheels have a built-in rock-solid locking mechanism that ensures your Gym Rat will only move when you want it to. Easily stores bumpers, change plates and even has a built-in chalk bowl.

(10 bumper plate slots pictured, 8 slots come standard)
Call for custom Gym Rat modification pricing!

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