Spud Inc. Neck/Head Harness

Strongman Category: Belts & Harnesses
Weight: 4 lbs
Width: 1″
Length: 48″
Material: Durable Webbing, Chain
Color: Black

Whether you need a strong neck for the sport you play or you just like to have a freaky strong neck, the Spud Inc neck harness is for you. Made from soft 1-inch webbing, the Spud Inc neck harness is one of the most comfortable and durable harnesses on the market today. The Spud Inc neck harness is made with adjustable industrial Velcro, and it fits most head sizes.

The Spud Inc neck harness is designed to get your neck strong and be comfortable while doing it. The Spud Inc neck harness can be used to perform the traditional weighted neck exercises or you can get creative with it and pull the sled or use bands and chains.

The possibilities are endless.

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