Sorinex Reversa Sled

Category: Sleds
Weight: 43 lbs
Width: 23.5″
Length: 37″
Height: 30″
Material: 11 ga steel
Finishing: Black Texture Powder Coat

The Sorinex Reversa Sled is designed for sled drags & pulls. Large center plate pin allows for a large amount of weight to be added.  Plate Pin is detachable with a bolt and allows for quick break down that will easily fit in trunk or backseat of a car. Other models require physically turning the sled around, which can tear up turf or grass; however, the Reversa Sled incorporates our Reversa Bar Technology.

This is an outside bar that the strap quickly flips around on, allowing for quick and easy change of directions. No need to wrestle the sled, unhook your harness, or weave outside of your lane to turn a heavy sled around. Sled includes 10′ Cordura Strap with a carabiner.

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