Circus Bell Replica

Strongman Category: Yokes & Stones
Weight: 120 lbs empty, 800 lbs loaded
Width: 12″
Length: 29″
Diameter: 3″
Material: Steel
Finishing: Black Texture Powder Coat

Memories from the Arnold Classic Strongman Contest. Thousands get together and cheer on the titans of strength as the famous Circus Bell is lifted Skyward! The resulting world record (set by Derek Poundstone in 2009) now stands at 15 reps with 202lbs. Started as a brainchild of Sorinex, building the biggest for the best. Richard Sorin created the Circus Bell as a nearly indestructible, adjustable old time globe type dumbbell that was to be the strongman centerpiece for the show.
Now, by the popular demand of those following in the steps of great Zydrunas and Derek, Sorinex now offers the Original, Sorinex Designed, Circus Bell Replica. It is built to the same specifications and exact dimensions as “The Show” bell.
Even though the first custom showpiece has since been retired to Sorinex and donated to the world’s largest strongman museum, The Stark Center in Austin Texas. You can now own a matching piece of strength history!

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