BaseFit Unlimited Triple Rig

Rack Type: Rig
Weight:  n/a
Width: 94″
Length: 94″
Height: 96″
Material: 11 ga. steel
Tube Size: 2″ x 2″
Tube Numbers: No
Finishing: Black Texture Powder Coat

The Sorinex BaseFit Unlimited Series of power racks continues on the path of evolution that the Legacy line started. The modular design allows for infinite expansion and attachments, only limited by your imagination.

Built with 2×2 tubing, the BaseFit Unlimited Series is strong enough for any Functional, Tactical, or Home Gym setup, yet adaptable to fit anywhere. Unique hole pattern allows for versatile usage of attachments, including an unlimited combination of pull-up and dip stations for any size or application

*The BaseFit Unlimited units must be anchored to the floor to ensure adequate stability.

The BaseFit Unlimited Series puts any other modular Power Rack System to shame, allowing unlimited flexibility without breaking the bank.

The BaseFit Triple offers integrated monkey bars, up to 3 dip stations, and the ability to squat/press in three stations as well. This also makes it a great piece to put in corners to effectively utilize corner space.


Benches, Bars, and Bumpers are not part of the standard package but are available at the online store.


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