Base Camp Scout

Rack Type: Single
Weight: 250 lbs
Width: 48″
Length: 48″
Height: 102″
Material: 11 ga. steel
Tube Size: 3×3
Tube Numbers: Yes
Finishing: Black Texture Powder Coat
Fits: Base Camp Series, Some 3×3 Racks

Working with customer feedback and listening to our own in-house experts, we have produced a top of the line training solution for the budget minded customer.

Welcome to the Base Camp Scout!
Building off the success of the original Base Camp Rack, the Base Camp Scout features our patented 4 way, 2 directional hole design that maximizes effective training space while minimizing overall footprint.

The Scout utilizes a 4′ x 4′ training space that is perfect for the entry-level customer who wants to take their training to the next level. Like The Base Camp Rack, The Base Camp Scout can grow and evolve with new ideas and training methods.

Features and Options:
• 4-way multi-directional hole design 8’6” Tall, 4′ Deep, 4′ Wide Numbered Holes in 4 uprights.
• 680 holes in all, as compared to the “traditional” 80.
• Customizable plate storage in any position on the rack, texture of the pins holds plates in place for safety.
• Customizable band and chain storage.
• Fat bar or indexing pull-up bars.
• Utility seat / Step-Up attachment with anchoring positional lock.
• Multifunctional Utility Step attachment for spotting, 1 leg squats, belt squats.
• 42″ and 22″ safety bars with 10 1″ receptacle holes.
• Land Mine attachment integral to the frame.
• Can be used as a multi-station chin/dip by up to 4 athletes simultaneously.
• Plastic Protection in wear areas.
• Integrated sandwich type J-Cups to minimize bar wear.
• Micro adjusters for 1″ adjustments for lockouts and precise bar positioning.
• Plate storage can be used for traditional or bumper plates.
• Universal Utility Pins can be used for dips, chins, pulling dish, weight storage, safety squat handles, band and chain storage, band compatibility.
• Pins are compatible for use in every hole in the rack.
• Roller pads lock in for abs, hypers, glute ham movements, lunges, and single leg movements.
• Easily combined with platform and 0-90 bench to form a self-contained workstation with
non-interfering bench storage.

Last For-Ever Quality:
• Constructed with 3″ X 3″ 11 gauge steel. The massive frame is held together by the largest bolts in the industry.
• Each of the uprights has been tested supporting a 50-ton load.
• Custom 4000lb test flexible safety straps.
• Fitted with our unique rack hole system to allow for a safe, quiet, support for thick bars, strongman logs, push jerks, step-ups, shrugs, and pulls.
• Straps totally eliminate impact shock, noise, bar damage, and potential physical contact danger resulting from a missed lift.
• Straps can be micro-adjusted for the perfect fit
• Applications are only limited by imagination. A rack for now and the future of your program.

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