6′ Safety Utility Straps

Weight: 4 lbs
Width: 1″
Length: 72″
Material: Durable webbing
Color: Yellow

The Sorinex Original  6′ Safety Utility Straps are  1″ wide by 6” long straps equipped with dual handles and can be used for a variety of weightlifting and exercise applications. When used as spotter straps they provide a very strong, safe, and quiet experience. With up to a 3,200lb load capacity, these straps can hold any weight that you will be lifting and are made in the U.S.A.

Additional Uses:
•Hanging chains from the bar
•Rack Saver Straps
•Pull-Up Straps
•Attaching Bands to the rack
•Ring Straps
•Cable Straps
•Abs Straps
•Push-Up Straps
•Sled dragging Straps
•Spotter Straps

Utility Straps are sold in pairs.


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