4′ Safety Utility Straps

Weight: 3 lbs
Width: 2″
Length: 48″
Material: Durable webbing
Color: Yellow

The Sorinex Original  4′ Safety Utility Straps are  2″ wide by 4” long straps equipped with dual handles and can be used for a variety of weightlifting and exercise applications. When used as spotter straps, they provide a very strong, safe and quiet experience. With up to a 6,400lb load capacity, these straps can hold any weight that you will be lifting and are made in the U.S.A.

Additional Uses
•Hanging chains from the bar
•Rack Saver Straps
•Pull-Up Straps
•Attaching Bands to the rack
•Ring Straps
•Cable Straps
•Abs Straps
•Push-Up Straps
•Sled dragging Straps
•Spotter Straps

Straps are sold in pairs


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