0-90 degree Utility Bench

Bench Type: Adjustable
Weight: 140 lbs
Width: 24″
Length: 62″
Height: 18″
Back Pad Size: 40″ x 12″
Pad Thickness: 3″
Pad Gap: 1.25″
Material: 11 ga. steel
Tube Size: 2×2
Double-stitched premium Naugahyde
Finishing: Black Texture Powder Coat
Wheels: Yes
Band Pegs: Yes

One of those “A-list” pieces. If you have a gym, you should have one or more of these. Six position angled back pad and 2 position seat, make changing from 0 to almost 90 degrees a one handed job. No snap pins, balls, levers, bearings or gimmicks to come loose or fail. Just simple, positive locking adjustments that leave nothing to the imagination. Set it and forget it.

The wheels and handle allow for easy movement, and the minimal gap between two pads (1.25″), and total pad length of 51″x11.75″. Sturdy enough for enormous presses (we have seen close to 800lb. done easily on this bench). This bench is right at home in a Power Rack, DB area or Hurricane unit. It is the last utility bench you will ever need to buy. Regardless of where you live, a college or pro team near you is probably training on one of these benches right now.

The custom head guard does not come standard.

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